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What do we want education to look like?

The future of edtech


Invest in the digital skills of teaching staff

Sir Ian Diamond, chair of the Independent Commission on the College of the Future, talks about the importance of technology in everyday life. It is no longer an optional add-on to teaching and learning.

The student of the future

What do you think teaching and learning will be like in ten years? Fast forward to 2029 and discover Natalie_4.0, a fully immersive experience from the perspective of a history and geography undergraduate of the future.

How members are embracing Education 4.0

What is Industry 4.0 and what does it mean for you? - by University of Derby

Get involved with our edtech work

We're working with students, startups and strategic leaders to find new edtech ideas that can benefit the further and higher education sector.

Insights into our digital future


Building the intelligent campus

How could we use Internet of Things devices to help us make our campuses intelligent, and what are the potential perils and pitfalls?


Deep dreaming of AI in education

From recognising and classifying data to generating new content from scratch, this explores how AI is being used in education.


How we innovate

Steered by our members' priorities, our co-design work is designed to address pressing issues in HE and FE through technology. Want to get involved? Email

From the web

Upskilling our workforce means upskilling our teachers

If we are to embed the increasing digital skills that industry demands in our teaching staff, colleges and businesses need to collaborate with a much more flexible and supportive approach.

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Shaping the digital experience for future learners

How do FE learners at UK colleges experience technology? Shakira Martin, former NUS president, reflects on the value of a digital education.

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Is your college ready for digital transformation?

When it comes to technological transformation, there is a blueprint for success.

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