Our work wouldn't be possible without you

The 2017/18 annual review captures and shares some of your latest achievements and looks ahead to what’s next. Download the annual review (pdf).

"we can have productive conversations about the technology that’s available" 
Dr Alison Lawson, Derby Business School.

You're equipping yourselves with the skills to manage and influence digitally-driven change with the help of our digital leaders programme. Hear more from Alison and other course alumni.

"The students don’t know they are using Jisc resources – they are just there for them. It’s a seamless service"
Angela Leavens, Strode College

Read how this Somerset-based college is striving to make learning as relevant, engaging and accessible as possible.

"It feels like a listening project and that fosters adoption and acceptance"

You're acting quickly on the small changes that make a big difference

Using digital experience insights, you're discovering what students really need from the digital technologies in your college or university. See the results of the FE and HE survey (pdf).

Putting people centre stage

Many of you are working to develop the digital literacy of staff and students, with the help of our building digital capability service.

Hear from Dr Ross Parry on digital transformation at the University of Leicester.

AR and VR on a virtual budget

Within a couple of weeks of meeting Jisc's Matt Ramirez, Preston College's new virtual reality resources were ready to be trialled.

Read what happened when Frank met Matt.

“We had no disruption. Our users had no idea. That’s our success story.”

"I work with people from all around the UK and worldwide. This means that I travel a lot [...] eduroam is a vital tool."
Finn Illsley-Kemp, postgraduate research student, University of Southampton.

Discover what makes Finn's fieldwork possible.

"The Royal College of Music is a relatively small institution so [...] we look to Jisc for assistance and guidance and that’s been invaluable."
Terry Clark, Royal College of Music and Jisc research data champion

Read how you're keeping research data working.

2017/18 at a glance

Thank you to all members, staff, partners and funders

Download the annual review (pdf)